It is a wizards road that floats above the clouds so high. Take a dragon or a carpet.   It could be a broom or your own two feet that transport you above.

 You ride your dragon, your friend , who wished to travel this road with you.
Your hand waves the spell.  Far vision is what you need now to see the way ahead.
It is a strange thing to see  doors opening into nothingness.
As you approach you wonder if   Zedomeriious will fit through.
Sighing you ask your friend to stop.  Gently sliding off, you turn
and ask him to await you.    Opening the door you step in................

The Testing

Coming back out you sigh,  it was like being an apprentice again.  You're thankful that you are a Mistress now.  You look for the next door which is not far.  Zedomeriious paces along with you very curious now.   He wishes to come through the next door with you.  You look at him and smile.
 "Very well my old friend", you say.

Raising your hand you make a particular twisting motion and a clear bell sounds.
Zedomeriious is now small enought to cling to your shoulder, which he does and
wraps his tail around your neck for balance. Mistress with her dragon friend

There is an unfamiliar rune on this door.   Raising your hand your fingers feel the magic
"Ahhhh," you say, understanding now.   Behind  this door will be more
magic and violence.  Prehaps not suited for young children but since you are an adult
this warning was not needed.  You open the door ........and step through........

Those Who Guard

Coming out you sigh.  So much trouble in the world you think.   And always there are those who will sacrifice  themselves for the good of all.   Thank the Goddess and God for the good people out there. Wondering what is coming next.  You go to the next door and peek in.   You can see it set in the same world  as Those who Guard.  But years later.   Hmmmmm you think....I will be back soon to follow this story.

For now though the sky is shading into evening and it is time to go home for rest for another day.

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