The Mountain

Bound by the Sword

Dracons Death
Belief Joy Her Fate Web Weaver
Sorrow Discovery The Elk The Legend of Treeheart
Beginnings I See End of the Road Her Name Her Need
Silent Cry Not  Living our Lives Dragons Tear
Once, I Woke Lovers View A Tear for you My Friend Wolfcrys
A Price Raindow
Hurricane Spirit
a) The Bear
Silence Speaks
a)The Edge
See it in Her Eyes Old Warriors Summers Kiss
Remembrance It Is You Write Your Need Earth Bound
a) Alone
b) A Poet

Shhh She Says

Doves The Palace Called Dawn
I Love You  A Heart Age A Light In The Night
Never Forget A Message At Dusk Prayer Come Home Slumbering Stars

When The Night Falls

Blind eyes Deaths Tears Child Of Light
Between Us You could not see Believe Webs You Fear
Dans Valentine
Do Not Look Behind Hope Eternal Gray Moon The Dragons Came

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