Deaths Tears

I stood at the door on twilights eve
Looking at deaths face
His eyes dark and brooding
Sorrow etched in lines
Mapped his face

For an instant I turned, my head looking back
Realizing the countless times
I'd stood and greeted him
Differant ways in other lives
By my hand or anothers
From young to old, from disease and war

I staggered at the knowledge
And felt deaths hand comfort me
I looked upon him again
My hand reached to trace
His beloved face

His hesitation was clear
As he bent his shadowed head
I closed my eyes
As his lips touched mine
And felt his tears fall upon me

They rocked the way in which we stood
The world slipped
And the stars tipped
As his tears continued to fall
And he released me to the other side

Our eyes did linger upon each other
As he faded to my view
And I was left
My hands cupped together
Holding deaths tears
To life