I have loved animals forever. When I was little, it seemed we always had strays showing up at the door. Of know that you are never to pet them or feed them or they never go away. <smile> I have to laugh because my Mother was the biggest culprit for feeding them after a couple of days.....then of course they would be part of the family.

I think we always had 3 or 4 cats, at least 3 dogs, we had birds and monkeys, frogs, salamanders, and fish. I guess I grew up with a Heinz variety as they say. So when finally had a place of my own,  I have had animals too.

This story is about a dog named King that I got when I was married. My son was 18 months old at that time. King was a beautiful malamute. He was about 4 months old when we got him. We lived in the country at that time and the people who owned him couldn't keep him where they lived in the city.

King fit right in right away and picked my son as his favorite human. They would play together chasing each other. King was so much bigger even at that age that when he played tug of war with my son (of course pulling on his diaper) that he would just pull him everywhere with my son screaming in laughter the whole time. A few months later King was about 6 or 7months old and now his shoulder was at my sons heads height. He had gotten so big. They still played and King would follow my son around all the time. It was spring and they were playing in the yard. I was in vacuuming. I would stop every 5 minutes or so and check on them outside and they were there each time. Well I got done and checked again and I couldn't find them. I ran all the way around the house checking the bushes calling both of their names and neither one showed up. I thought quickly, knowing my son, on our walks to my friends house, might go that way. It was down a busy gravel road that the logging trucks used. I ran quickly down the road looking for him.

Just around the curve not very far. I came upon the most endearing sight that I will never forget.

King had herded my son up off of the road onto the bank and had pushed him over in the grass and was laying of top of him.

I almost cried when I saw them together. My sons little fists were in Kings fur and his little legs were kicking on the other side of King. King looked at me then swiped my sons face with his tongue and calmly got off of him.

It is the greatest thing I have ever seen a dog do. He saved my sons life. Those logging trucks probably wouldn't of even seen my little boy coming up around the curve as they do.

I will never forget King. He was one of the most loving and smartest dogs I ever had.

spring of 1980