The Webs You Fear

The way is long
The way is dark
Along the shadows
Path, it takes you
Close to webs you fear
To an edge
You've never seen,

Each movement made
Shakes and trembles
The strands of life
Spun by the weaver
Your fear is seen
And given life along
This path you've
Chosen this dark hour

Your breath comes fast
In horror you fall
Among the webs of the
Weavers hall, bound so
Tight, you fight and
struggle, your cry
Resounds and echos madly

Your heart is racing
Your head is spinning
When quiet voice of
The spinner asks,
Why do you struggle
Why do you fight,
It is life that you
Give to me from fate

You cry that you
Must for your life
Is still lived, in
Mortal worlds of
Gods and man
The spinner sighs
She stills the webs
Your mind calms
And accepts the chance
For her webs are but
Strands of stardust
Easily broke by
Those who trust
In themselves,
The lifes they live
And by those that
love and keep the faith