Legend be bold and strong
When Treeheart roamed the land
He stopped at streams so clear and clean
That life could be seen to the bottom

The flowers bloomed in colors of the rainbow
And hearts were free to laugh
Under gentle skies and warm winds
In green meadows of fragrant clover

He woke one day to see the sky
Its blue was astounding.
The mountains sharp as knifes
Sliced the horizon

Black sorrow released
From the cut in the sky
As a wind. it came
Screaming its demise

Treehearts tears of pain
Felt for the wind
Were stolen off his cheeks
As the gale ripped and passed him
On its way around the world

It circled the globe
The sorrow bold, looking for
A heart to freeze
For the torment it felt,
At a Gods betrayal, caused blackness
To succeed

It found Treeheart
And cirled him thrice
Trying to find the chink in his armour
For his love of the land it would steal
If it could prevail.

Blown against the old pine tree
He turned and grasped the bark
Rough ridges under his palms
His grip mixing his blood
With tree sap and tree life

Sleep with me the old pine, rustled
Save you I will
By showing you a wintering
Way of life. Come be with me
I will shelter you as a sapling
In the lee

Treeheart close his eyes
And sighed as roots grew down
His legs, his thighs
His arms grew up and out
To bend with the wind that howled its fury

His skin did grow, layering bold
The bark around his heart
Keeping safe, his love,
his life, for the land
He did treasure

For black sorrow would destroy
All that it touched with
A hurricanes force and fury
Of love scorned and denied

The legend goes that Treeheart
Still stands in mountains
High and mountains strong
Against the sky they stand like knifes
He keeps black sorrow from the land
The heart he protects is the worlds own
He keeps the faith, and shields the love