She wrote the stars to slumber

She wrote the day
She wrote the night
She wrote the fantasys heart
Of pain and sorrow
Of hope and love
She wrote of life
Well lived

She wrote by moonGirl dreaming on a Swing
She wrote by sun
But best she wrote
When stars above
Gave shine to pen
To ink and well
Lending fairy dust
To all

She wrote of rivers
Strong and slow
So deep that depth
Was never known
And sparkling streams
Within her dreams
Flowing over moss
And stones

She wrote of lovers
Paired by fate
Living, loving lives
So long, till the last
They are called home
To far away realms
Of gods kingdom

She wrote of sadness
Lost ones and hate
And found her tears
Did mix with ink
Upon the weavers loom
It fell, to spread a stain
Upon the wheel of time

She wrote of heros
She wrote of strength
To fight the stain
Upon the earth
She wrote of ladies
Of men and more
To even out the balence more

She wrote of rest
She wrote of sleep
And gently blew the
Stars asleep
To slumber now and
Let life live
As is meant to be
And shall be
ever more