Destinys are wrought
by a single glance
and a shaking hand
traced down a spine
which reacts to every
tender touch
and lips that tremble
as they are kissed
to a breathlessness
that brings the
brightness to the day
and the light
to shine ever more

And the bonds are
and the trust is
and the soul
that rejoices in the
newfound freedom
of a friendship built
in honesty of a
truth that can not
be denied for it
from each others
eyes for both to see



The cool breeze caresses
my face.
Putting my hands up to
touch the wind.
It merely blows through
my fingers.
Leaving me alone with
my thoughts
As you have done.

A Poet

To live and yet not live
To have known the joy and
Sensed the great tragedies
That this world offered.
And still has to offer.
To have known love,
To have forgiven hatred.
Ah, the great poets of the past,
The unknown authors of lost ages,
What they sensed they
Wrote and immortalized.

To live a lifetime and yet
Not grasp it meaning.
The mysteries of life veiled,
Oh what agony the heart that is leashed.
You live your life with sincerity
And calmness
Missing by a second that eternal



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