Spirit open your eyes
Your need long denied
Trembles at the edge
Of your wandering soul

Spirit rest your weary heart
The vision that sweeps
Through your soul
Carries the warmth of life

Spirit accept your strength
Your convictions have flowered
Your way has opened
And your time has come


The Bear

Flowing seamless
Muscles glideThe Bear
Awareness of all
As I follow my dream

She is ahead
Knowing I am here
Guiding spirit in
Valleys deep

Wilderness blends
No fear is felt
Just a wild elation
Of finding oneself

She leads ever upward
Straight is her path
To high ridges
That edge the sky

She halts at the chasm
And waits
Beside her I gaze
At wind and sky

Behind me she rears
My body she folds
Through her eyes
I see................

The earth


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