Summers Kiss

In the spring time I wandered
In mountains that touched the sky
But winter still lingered
In shadows deep.

The sun had not touched
The slopes pure and white
The grass still slept
Beneath its blanket

I listened for springs
Soft voice, awakening all
But heard only the wind blow
Through the evergreens

I shivered on a rock strewn slope
Watching twilight move to meet me
When magic lit the air
With luminescent light

She moved with fairy grace
Bringing warmth
And fresh zephyr breeze
To call the springs lord

I watched in wide eyed silence
As Lord came forward
And met Lady
To create the mountains

Intertwined they called
The grass from slumber
The flowers peeked
The trees swayed and
Put out their bud

They kissed the
Blush into the sky
And heralded dawn
To wake a fresh
Spring morning

And I they saw
As they faded
Into the color of the sky
Smiled and blew a
Summers promise
Kiss my way


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