It was a faring
A company of one
Who saw the rainbow
And ventured forth

Not a thought of gold
Just an idea of
Something to treasure
At the end of the rainbow

What colors hid
In a clear shining sky
Was the truth
Of the hearts desire

It was a venturing
To find love on
The other side
Of tomorrow

A walk, a run
Before it disappeared
Bravery met strength
In the middle
Of the rainbow

How could they know
That each end
Is a beginning
For each that seek
The start of a rainbow

And love could
Be found
Meeting halfway
Under the the arch
Of a rainbows desire

by Julie M


Shadows lay
Oblong in the night
Dark against Dark
Shielding against the light
They tremble at the coming day
Wincing from the sun.

Crevasses hide them
Till dusk falls once again
So slow they show
Deepening to pools
Which lie so quiet

How well I know
The shadows of the night
Each edge reflects
A fear inside

How lovingly embraced
Each evening
So secure in knowing
They are there

Bathing in the pools of my fears
I draw my strength to face the day
For I know my fears
Are but shadows
In the night

Julie M

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