Silence Speaks

Kneeling in the covers
eyes are blind to sight
as she listens in the night
to the speaking silence.

Breath sighs
and blood rushes
as a heart beat fills the air
and loud in the ears are the
covers soft rustle as her
body moves in the stillness.
the silence speaks to her

She strains to hear
a creaking house
tree limbs brushing the roof
an owl calling for its mate
and a distant car on a distant road

The wind whispers a melody
finding its way through the closed window
to cool her body
and her hand clenches as the tears drop
splashing against her fist

She cries for the silence
for he is not here
and the guiet... pools
in the lonely room

For the silence has spoken.


The Edge

It was a dream in the evening
when waking she saw the shadow
fleeing from sleepy eyes.

Dreams on the edge
bring life to dim lit rooms
and pain to the heart
of visions rather not seen
and tears are shed
in daylight hours

Each night is an act of
bravery and valor
of searching under
moon drenched skies
For the lost shadow
as it flees

She stands in the heart
of the dream
and sends her voiceless cry
out on the wind

So still the vision

So quiet the dream

So breathless the heart

So filled with hope

So filled with fear

She waits
for a dream
to be



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