Mirror Gate

She hungered in her soul
Behind closed doors
She dreamt the dream
Behind closed eyes
She lived her life
And always wondered
If what she lived was real

She laid in slumber
There for his bidding
She woke aching
For his touch
Reality ripped her
The dream forsake her
She cried behind
Her desire

Her eyes they stared
At night skies so clear
She wished upon the star
She slept again to
Dream the dream
And woke in her Lovers arms

She cried to him
Let this be real
And he soothed her with
His hand
Winding fingers through her hair
He said....You know I am

He bound her in her silken tresses,
Pleasures heighten,  soft caresses.
He whispered words, so soft, so low,
Wait for me, trust me to be
Your dreams fantasy
Come true.

At dawn she woke
Still bound and restless
Untangling from her hair
She gazed at the mirror
And saw him there
Waiting for her to know

Her eyes grew wide
The tears did slide
Down her cheeks so soft
When he reached
From the other side
Waiting for her trust

She touched his hand
A sigh escaped
When he drew her through
The mirrors gate
To the fantasy world
She dreamt.

Now she's safe
With her Lovers fate
Her belief
Is strong and sure
The mirrors world
will not break.
Till worlds end and
Dreams do fade