She found herself in a place she didn't know
Picking a flower for a child that did not exist
Giving her love to a man that was surreal
Waking from a dream, that she adored

She slept and woke somewhere
With God sitting beside her
He never looked at her but gazed
At the sky, the birds, the trees
She woke and wondered what he meant to say

She went outside and was lost to herself
In the garden beside her home
She didn't recognize the grass beneath her feet
Or the cloud in the sky

Kneeling she wept for her loss
For the understanding she didn't have
She felt the ground so solid
She felt unreal and starting to unravil

The tears ran down from closed eyes
When something cold touched her arm
When something soft touched her hand
Breaking the illusion she could not see

Slowly her eyes opened to see
The puppy looking with wistful eyes
A child sitting and holding a flower for her
And heard a voice from a dream of God saying,



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