'When the night falls'

Where are you?
swirled away in mists
that travel the
night before the
dawn breaks over the hills.

'When the dawn breaks'

Where did you go?
I followed your steps
till straining against
the night, i fell
against the rocky shoals

'When the mist is found'

where is the dream?
that hovered at the edge
of the mist touched water
its glory etched in the
light of the rising sun

'When the dream is real'

Aginst my reality it faded
and as the day became solid
enough to touch
my path to you was lost
with only my tears to show.

'I will find the way'

Where the night falls
Where the dawn breaks
Where the mist is found
Where the dream is real
Is the path i will find

'To you'



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