Hope Eternal

It's belief in life
We need sometimes
A helping hand
A smile, a song
A hope to cherish
A love to find
Life is comprised
Of so many things
That it takes full
Living to come
Full circle from
Death to birth
To life again
And hope is dreams,
And fluffy clouds
And rainbows on
A sunny day
Its babies born
Every spring
The chicks, the
Ducks most living
Its heart, its soul
Its ever more
Its songs of praise
To the lord
Or to the great spirit
Or gods and goddesses.
Or what you believe in
It is in you
Just look
And see and if your
Eyes don't comprehend
Pet a puppy and you'll find
Hope and love and laughter to spare
For it is infectious
And will spread.
For hope springs eternal
From within you
Sometimes it just needs a
Helping hand



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