Do not look behind

She lays in covers,
Spawled face down,
Hands clutching sheets.
She feels the shiver start,
Traveling up her spine,
Like a gentle touch.
Do not look behind,
She wispers,
Tears soaking a pillow.

She kneels naked,
Her eyes are closed.
The slight air shift,
Curls around her like,
Loving arms.
Do not look behind,
She whispers,
As tears trail down her face.

She stands in the crowd alone.
She stares ahead and waits,
The wind touches her hair,
A beloved caress.
Do not look behind,
She thinks,
Her eyes are misty,
With unshed tears.

She dreams in the night,
Bound for his pleasure.
He wispers,
His breath warm on her neck.
Do not look behind,
For I am in your heart.
Do not look behind,
For you will see me again someday.
Do not look behind,
Know that I will wait,
For we will meet again, at times end.

Do not look behind,
Look forward my love.
Face the future and be strong,
Enough to stop the tears,
Enough to love another,

Do not look behind.


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